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Trademark Bazaar – Adding A New Dimension to Business Incorporation

Company Incorporation is now just a matter of few minutes!


At Trademark Bazaar, we are an indispensable resource to individuals, solicitors and businesses seeking excellence in business incorporation and corporate secretarial services.

We are true experts in helping entrepreneurs setup up new businesses. Set up with an aim to instill supreme level of ease and value to new and established business in their operations, we have a strong team of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lawyers, Company Secretaries, Chartered Engineers and other Bankers who provide full-fledged support in various aspects of a business. The areas we cover include company incorporation, trademarks, copyrights, company closure, and others.

Customer service has always been the hallmark of our business and one of the main reasons we continue to be so successful in such a competitive landscape. A large part of that success however, is owed to the quality of our people.

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