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Trademark Search in India

Trademark refers to a distinctive element associated to a specific product or service that makes it different from others. This element could be in the form of a word, slogan, graphic, photograph, sound or even aroma. A trademark owner holds exclusive rights of its usage against the chosen category. There are a total of 45 categories, known as classes.

It is a kind of legal permission that gives the trademark owner the authority to exercise its right in the court of law. The primary objective behind trademark registration is to avert infringement and prevent identical brand names to get registered by other firms. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a trademark search before registering a trademark so as to avoid duplicity. It takes almost 3 days to get a trademark but up to two years to get it registered.

At Trademark Bazaar, our certified professionals conduct an extensive trademark search to find out similar or identical trademarks already in force. Trademark search is utmost necessary when it comes to obtain the legal rights to use the trademark. We carry out a comprehensive database search of India’s Intellectual Property Database.

If there is already a trademark with the similar name exists, there is a need to check its status – approved, applied, objected or opposed. In such cases, it is generally recommended to choose another name. We strive to lend full-fledged assistance to companies looking to register their trademark by conducting a detailed trademark search in the best possible way.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How a trademark search is conducted?

A comprehensive search on India’s Intellectual Property Database is carried out in order to find out similar trademarks. If there are any, next step is to check the status of the same.

What if my trademark is occupied, but under a different class?

If your chosen name has already been selected, but under a different class, you may have a reason to become happy. Unless the brand is too popular, your application is possibly to get approved. If, on the other hand, a trademark has been registered by another brand after you start using it, it could be a matter of grave concern. You may need to find out the source of the goods and mail the office a cease-and-desist letter. Although it does not apply exclusively to intellectual property, such a letter is generally sent in cases of violation.

Do you give guarantee of the approval of my trademark?

We are here to conduct trademark search and the approval of your trademark largely depends on government’s approval. In case of a unique trademark, it is most likely to get approved.


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