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Company Name Availability

Being a separate entity, a business should have distinguishing traits that tend to give it a unique identity. The first in the list is its name. The first essential requirement of a business name is that it should be unique. The name should be easy to memorize and closely related to the offerings by the business in the market. A well-thought company name makes it easy for people to recognize it anywhere.

According to Companies Act, 2013, there are various factors that need to be considered while deciding a company name. Count on our Company Name Search tool to check the availability of your shortlisted company name. One important consideration is that the company name should not be similar or identical to an existing business or LLP or trademark.

At Trademark Bazaar, our endeavor is to help you make the best footprints of your business with a striking company name that can reflect the persona of your brand sustainably. Backed by proven domain expertise, we leave no stone unturned to give your business venture a remarkable presence in today’s competitive landscape.

Important Company Naming Rules

Similar or Identical

The name of the proposed business should not be similar or identical to an existing firm, LLP or trademark. Several options such as separating words, spellings, addition of place, title or other minor correction don’t result into a unique name.


It is important to note that the name of the company shouldn’t face conflict with a registered trademark or an application of a trademark registration. In that case, consent from registered trademark owner or trademark applicant should be submitted along with the name approval application.


The propose company name shouldn’t contain words revealing a separate kind of business constitution or legal person or any implication. For instance, words like co-operative, sehkari, trust, partnership, proprietor, society, HUF, firm, Inc., GmbH, SA, PTE, Sdn, AG shouldn’t be included in a company name.


The proposed company name shouldn’t indicate association or connection with or support of a national hero or any person of high esteem or important personalities occupied or occupying significant positions in Government. The company name cannot define association with Indian or Foreign Government.

Regulatory Consent

Proposed company name containing words such as insurance, bank, stock exchange, venture capital, asset management, mutual fund or other financial activity need to seek permission from Regulatory Bodies like RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, etc.,

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