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Patent Provisional Registration

A patent simply refers to a kind of government license that gives the owner exclusive rights to a process, design or new invention for a chosen period of time. The primary objective of a patent is to restrict others from using, selling or importing the patented product or service without the prior permission of the patent owner.

There are several types of patent applications and provisional application is one of them. The patent provisional registration is generally applied in the initial stages of an invention to lock the date of filing. In comparison to a regular patent application, it required fewer specifications. In general, this is commonly known as the primary step towards patent registration.

The validity period of patent provision registration is 12 months. Within this period, the applicant must need to apply for a complete patent registration. Not doing so would result into the abandonment of patent application and the invention would become non-patentable. If complete application is approved then the date of filing will be considered on the provisional application.

There are various advantages of patent provisional registration including:

  • Lower fee
  • Forming an early date of filing before the complete application is submitted
  • Extension of patent term by one year
  • Confidentiality of the application is sustained before it is published
  • Evaluation of commercial advantage of the patent

A patent provisional registration must need to have the title and description of the work that is being patented. In provisional specification, claims are not considered. Claims are generally incorporated only in the complete specification.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much time it takes to register a patent?

In general, it takes from 18 months to 5 years to register a patent depending upon the technology or details of the invention.

What is the validity period of a patent?

A patent remains valid for 20 years from the date of filing. 

For how much time, a provisional patent remains valid?

Provisional patent is valid for 12 months only. It must be trailed by complete patent application else the application will be considered as abandoned.

What are the types of patents?

There are three types of patents, namely Utility patents, Design patents and Plant patents.

What are the types of patent applications?

There are primarily 5 types of patent applications:

  1. Provisional application
  2. Complete application
  3. Convention application
  4. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) – International application
  5. Patent Cooperation Treaty – National Phase application


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