Cinematography Copyright

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Safeguarding The Right Of Creators

Give your cinematography work the most perfect protective shield by registering a copyright. Count on our expertise and get it done.

Cinematography Copyright

A "cinematograph film" refers to any work of visual recording on any medium made through a process from which a moving image may be produced by any means and includes a sound recording accompanying such visual recording and "cinematograph" shall be construed as including any work produced by any process analogous to cinematography including video films.

Copyright is meant to safeguard the rights of authors, i.e., creators of intellectual property in the form of literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works and cinematograph films and sound recordings.

The owner of the cinematograph film can choose to get exclusive rights that enable him or her to:

  • To reproduce the work
  • To issue copies of the work to the public
  • To perform the work in public
  • To communicate the work to the public
  • To make cinematograph film or sound recording in respect of the work
  • To make any translation of the work
  • To make any adaptation of the work
  • To make a copy of the film including a photograph of any image forming part thereof
  • To sell or give on hire or offer for sale or hire a copy of the film
  • To communicate the cinematograph film to the public

The general rule states that copyright lasts for 60 years. In the case of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the 60-year period is counted from the year following the death of the author. In the case of cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of government and works of international organizations, the 60-year period is counted from the date of publication.

At Trademark Bazaar, we help the owner of the cinematography work to seek the best available copyright protection against the work. From arranging necessary documents to filing application, our professionals provide the most sought after support to artistic people, art firms and businesses. 

Cinematography Copyright Fees


Requirements for Cinematography Copyright
  • NOC of the Producer
  • NOC/Agreement of the Artists involved

Cinematography Copyright

No Hidden Cost
Govt. Fee Included

INR 7,999 /-



Process for Cinematography Copyright


Step 1
Getting Information
1 Day

Step 2
Drafting of Application
2 Days

Step 3
Changes & Confirmation
2 Days

Step 4
Filing of Application
3 Days


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Frequently Asked Questions


Which elements cannot be protected under copyright law?

  1. Ideas or facts
  2. Useful articles
  3. Domain name
  4. Common language

What the documents needed to get copyright registration for music?

A copy of the work needs to be submitted along with the address and identity proof of the work creator. In case of business, the name of the company and its Certificate of Incorporation with Address proof would be required.

Who can apply for copyright registration?

Any individual who claims to be the creator or owner of the work can file for copyright registration. The person can be an individual, company, NGO or any others. 

Is my copyright valid throughout the world?

No. The copyright registered in India would remain valid there only. However, if you use it as evidence before any government to prove that you’re the first creator of the work. 

Is copyright applicable for all products?

No. The copyright is meant for only unique content. This content could be a song, video, book, film, software, logo, label and design etc. 

What if someone uses my work after getting copyright registration?

You have the authority to send him/her a legal notice regarding the same. But if no response is made by second party then you can file a case against him/her and sue them in court.

Can I register my name or title?

No, you cannot register your name or title. Name or titles can only get trademark registration.

Who will provide the certificate of registration?

The copyright registration procedure simply refers to the issuance of copyright registration certificate. After the application for Registration of copyright is approved by the Registrar, the Registrar shall issue to the applicant a Certificate of Registration under the seal of the copyright Registry.


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