Trademark Objection

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Trademark Objection

In simple terms, Trademark Objection refers to an objection raised by the trademark examiner on various grounds such as duplicate trademark, deceptive trademark, and improper trademark. This objection is largely considered as the disapproval of trademark by the authorities.

There could be absolute or relative grounds that form the basis for trademark objection. However, a trademark application can be objected under more than one ground for rejection. In case your trademark application gets objected, you need to respond back within 30 days after getting the notification. The authority will provide a proper legal objection letter stating the reason behind the objection of trademark. If you don’t respond back, the trademark registrar has the authority to abandon your trademark application.

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Trademark Objection Fees


  • Trademark Reply
  • Free Consultancy
  • Trademark Objection Status Update

Trademark Objection

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INR 2,999 /-



Documents Required for Trademark Objection


  • Authorization Documents
  • Examination Report of Trademark
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof


Process for Trademark Objection


Step 1
Getting Information
1 Day

Step 2
Discussion with Trademark User
2-3 Days


Step 3
Drafting of Reply
4 to 5 Days


Step 4
Filing of Reply
6 to 7 Days



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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trademark Objection?

It refers to the refusal of a trademark application by the trademark examiner after its evaluation on various grounds. 

What could be the reason behind a Trademark Objection?

  • Trademark looks alike to an existing trademark
  • Misleading trademark
  • Trademark with symbol or words believed to be aggressive
  • Indistinguishable specifications of goods or services

What is a Trademark Objection Reply?

Trademark Objection reply refers to the response submitted against the objection, given by the trademark examiner.

What is the difference between Trademark Objection and Trademark Opposition?

Trademark Objection is raised by the trademark examiner whereas Opposition is raised by a third party.

Why it is necessary to submit Trademark Objection Reply?

A Trademark Objection Reply is made to relinquish any objections, by numbering the reasons, facts and evidence against the raised trademark objection.

Do I need to get separate trademarks for different products or services?

Trademarks need be registered for a specific product or service. A single trademark application can be filed to register your product or service under more than one class but the fees for filing under each class increases every time in the same manner as you have filed a single application for trademark under one class.


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