Literature/Dramatic Copyright

INR 3,499 /- (All Inclusive)

The Best Safety Net for Protecting Literary Works

Safeguard your work related to books, literature, technical drawings, computer programs, computer databases with the right copyright protection.

Literature/Dramatic Copyright

Under Section 13 of the Copyright Act 1957 copyright exists in original, literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings. Section 2(o) of the act gives a comprehensive definition of 'literary works', mentioning that the term "includes computer programs, tables and compilations, including computer databases", but it does not set down which works are deemed to be literary. However, the explanation to Section 2 states that the term 'literary works' is not confined to works of literature in the commonly understood sense, but must be taken to include all works expressed in writing, no matter whether they have literary merit. Thus, the definition is not exhaustive and all literary works satisfying the criterion of originality are entitled to protection under the act.

The literature work encompasses works such as books, literature, technical drawings, computer programs, computer databases.

Trademark Bazaar has immense expertise in helping its clientele in carrying out the entire legal processes from filing the application till registering the copyright. Our professionals even provide full-fledged assistance in case of copyright violation and actions to be undertaken in such circumstances. You can depend upon our services for fulfilling your copyright related requirements.

Our work with publishing sectors during the past several years has given us a strong insight into licensing and other copyright contracts, posing us to provide highly value added license/contract drafting, and negotiation services. In addition to helping clients manage copyright litigation efficiently, our team also helps clients organize dispute resolution and arrive at harmonious settlements.

Literature/Dramatic Copyright Fees


Literature/Dramatic Copyright

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Govt. Fee Included

INR 3,499 /-



Process for Literature/Dramatic Copyright


Step 1
Getting Information
1 Day

Step 2
Drafting of Application
2 Days

Step 3
Changes & Confirmation
2 Days

Step 4
Filing of Application
3 Days



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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a copyright?

A copyright is a set of exclusive rights which are granted to the creators of certain works which are enshrined under The Copyright Act, 1957. This right is conferred only for a particular period and after that the copyrighted work is available for free use in public domain.

What elements can be protected under the copyright law?

The Copyright regime in India is managed by The Copyright Act, 1957. The specific works for which a copyright can be sought are as follows:

Literary, artistic, dramatic, musical, sound recording and cinematograph films.

How an author can benefit from Copyright law?

Copyright law gives protection to creators of original literary works. The principle of Copyright Law states that copyright exists in the expression of an idea, and not in the idea itself.  You can seek the protection of copyright over your work and utilise the exclusivity rights which are granted under the Copyright Act, 1957. As an author you can enjoy various rights like the right to reproduce your work, to issue copies of the work to the public, perform the work in public, communicate the work to the public, make any translation of the work, make any adaptation of the work and make sound recording or cinematographic film in respect of your work.

Can I choose to license my copyrighted work?

Yes, of course!  Once a person gets a copyright in his work, he can approve a third person to use his work by way of a license and exploit his work for monetary benefits.  We encourage the licensor of a specific work to include certain details in the licensing agreement such as:

  • Duration of the license
  • Rights licensed
  • Royalty to be paid
  • Territorial degree of the license

Conditions subject to which termination of the license may take place


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