Trademark Fee – Trademark Rules, 2017

By Trademark Bazaar - 7th November 2017

Trademark Fee – Trademark Rules, 2017

Trademark fee is the certain amount of money specified that every person who desires to make trademark filing is required to pay. Trademark Rules 2017 states the government fees for facilitating the trademark filings in India.  

In order to carry out various trademark filings like filing application for name approval, renewal application, restoration application, application for opposition the applicant is required to pay the prescribed amount of government fees. Along with the government fees, the applicant is required to pay the professional fees also.

The government fees applicable for various trademark filings are as follows-

  1. For new application for trademark registration

•    Individual/Start Ups/Small enterprises- 5000 for physical filing and 4500 for e-filing.

•    In all other cases- 10,000 for physical filing and 9000 for electronic filing.

 2. On a notice of opposition or rectification- The fees for the opposition is Rs 3000 for physical filing and Rs 2700 for electronic filing.

3. For trademark registration renewal - 10,000 for physical filing and 9000 for e-filing.

4. Application to register a subsequent proprietor in case of assignment or transfer of trademark- 10,000 for physical filing and 9000 for e-filing.

5. For request for issue and search of certificate- 10,000 for physical filing and 9000 for e-filing.

6. For request for an expedited search and issuance of certificate- Fee for electronic filing is Rs 30,000 and physical filing is not permitted.


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