Difference between Trademark and Copyright

By Trademark Bazaar - 20th September 2017

Difference between Trademark and Copyright

Both trademark and copyright aim at providing the shield to the distinct idea of any person. However, the applicability of both of them differs from each other.

Trademark registration brings an exclusive right of usage of word, logo, symbol, smell sounds etc while copyright provides rights to reproduce artistic, dramatic, literally or musical work.  Further, following is the difference between trademark and copyright -

Basis of Difference Trademark Copyright
Meaning Trademark is a word, logo, symbol, smell that uniquely identifies any product or service. Copyright is an exclusive right to reproduce or authorize anybody else to reproduce artistic, dramatic, literally or musical works.

Governing Act

It is governed by the Indian trademark Act 1999

It is governed by the Act Indian Copyrights Act, 1957. 
Scope Trademark extends to any word, logo, symbol, color etc.

It extends to every original idea or every idea that is presented in an original way.

Term of use

Once Trademark registration is sought it is valid for the time period of 10 years and after that renewal application shall be filed.

Copyright granted will be valid for the length of author’s life and the next 60 years.

Subject Matter

Goods and services.

Artistic and literally works.


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